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Because a Christian education is an investment for a lifetime!

At LEAH Schools, we recognize every child is uniquely and wonderfully created by God. We have the joyful privilege of helping students understand who they are and how God has given them abilities to discover and develop. Through excellent instruction and personal care and love by faculty and staff, students are equipped for whatever the future holds with God at the helm. 

Our purpose is simple: To advance Christian education in the Houston area.

Unlike public schools, we are unified in



Because we are a unified, LEAH Schools foster a sense of community and fellowship across multiple campuses impacting the entire Houston area. As an association, we are able to share ideas, engage in thoughtful dialogue, and then move forward with innovative and responsible outcomes. The synergy created by these shared experiences broadens the reach of this dynamic community, grounded in faith, love and the commitment of serving others.

Why a Christian education? 

There is no question. Today’s post-Christian culture is impacting our children like never before. Media is bombarding them at every turn, and many parents are at a loss as to how to turn it all off without putting kids in a bubble. That's where Christian education comes in.

LEAH Schools was established to help students form a firm Christian foundation.  Even at a very young age a child’s worldview is forming and with the integration of faith in learning, this brings consistency to their worldview as they begin to see the world as God sees it.  It helps shape their thoughts and reasoning processes and also aids in forming values, choices, and decisions by using Christian reference points. As  our students mature from our preschoolers to our graduates, they are able to use their faith as the criteria upon which to evaluate and make decisions.



God's promises are true
students praying

Your return will be immeasurable!

Young people need love and consistency.  LEAH Schools offers that love and consistency, providing stability in a rapidly changing, and often confusing, world. 

When I was in middle school, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do. At North (LEAH Schools North Academy), I've had a lot of opportunities to explore different things like band and theater. The most valuable thing I found at North has to be a love for the Word of God, and no matter where life takes me, that is priceless.

-William K.